Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amway Global - Save Money?

One of the selling points I remember seeing in the Amway presentation was how you can save money. In fact, the speaker always said you save 30% by purchasing Amway products. Therefore by simply purchasing through Amway, you would instantly put $67 in your pocket.
$67 = $7 rebate and $60 = 30% savings on 100 PV.

This was an outright lie. You do not save 30%. It is a myth. I suppose if you are comparing IBO price and full suggested retail, it may be 30%, but it is not a savings of 30% buying the same or similar products elsewhere. I posted a price comparison of some same and/or comparable products some months back and you can get much better prices shopping at Costco or Walmart. IBOFightback, Amway's (unofficial) PR champion (And Zealot), wrote a post about how you don't save money shopping though Amway, therefore it's value is questionable.

So unless you actually check out the prices, be wary and don't simply take the word of someone presenting the plan. Check and verify for yourself.


Network 21 Amway Blog said...

Here here Joe.
We wrote a similar article over on our page. It is stunning that people fall for such obvious manipulation of figures.
They also infer that the products you buy for personal use earns you income. How can spending money on overpriced products (money leaving your wallet) be classed as income (money received after expenses)? It is outright foolish.

-Mr Million

Joecool said...

Mr Million, thanks for the visit.

Yes, buying your own products is not a business activity. It is shopping.

Most IBOs lack enough customers to claim they actually run a real business. The self consumption was just a convenient way to promote the business.