Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amway Global - Your IBO Goals?

It is my observation that many IBOs get involved in Amway for one reason or another but for whatever reason, it seems that IBOs tend to lose focus of their goals and focus on other things. Based on personal experience, it is my opinion that this happens because uplines will teach you to "evolve"your goals into something else.

Many IBOs are recruited by being told that jobs are bad, will wind up leaving you broke when you reach retirement age. Investments are too risky, business is good but too expensive. Why not start an Amway business with little start up costs? On the surface that sounds like a nice suggestion. It will make sense to some people, especially those who are young and possibly those who seek a "little more" out of life. We know that some people are very successful in Amway and that they have a lot of cool stuff, including nice homes, etc.

What happens to many IBOs though, is they start the business fired up. They buy and use products, they are out trying to show the plan and sponsor people. But alas, they find that there are many challenges. Former IBOs have left a bad taste in people's mouths with deceptive recruiting. Others followed the system only to spend money on seminars and tapes and not achieve what was promoted. Even when you sponsor people, many quit, some do nothing. It gets very discouraging after a while.

Then your upline might change the focus of your involvement in Amway. "It's about friendships", "The money isn't that important", "I'm a nicer person". This is a slight of hand to get IBOs to forget why they actually joined Amway. Probably to gain more time and money by earning "residual" income which will allow you to spend more time with family and loved ones. Ironically, in many cases, that which you desire more of - is what you end up losing. Time and money spent at functions and meetings and recruiting cannot be made up.

So IBOs, set goals. 2-5 years is 24-60 months. The 2-5 year plan is a plan to go diamond.
Set goals. Such as sponsoring 1 person each month. Keep track of expenses. If things do not go as planned, think about cutting back on expenses. If you are CORE but your business is not growing, seriously consider not attending expensive seminars. It is more likely that you will end up with more red ink than increasing your volume by attending functions and listening to cds.
If you have been involved for some time and you group volume is 300 PV or less, you seriously need to analyze your efforts to determine if your involvement is worth the time, effort and money. Set strict goals and stick to it. Otherwise your business is likely to become a money pit.


Amthrax said...

I'm glad that I did not make my goals in this business. It made my decision to leave that much easier. The proof is in the numbers, not in the pie in the sky dreams that are pumped into IBOs brains via tapes, CDs, and seminars. If the numbers don't work... get out.

Joecool said...

Amthrax, that is true. The higher up you go, the more downline losing money you will have.

Network 21 Amway Blog said...

It is ok for goals to evolve. My goals always change because I am always reaching and over achieving the old ones and am proud to frequently raise the bar. To fail at reaching your initial goal and set a lower goal must be soul destroying for IBOs.

Anonymous said...

in amway, it is, because it's nearly impossible to do in AMWAY. get it?!