Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Amway Global - The 6-4-2 Plan?

All you need to do is sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2. 2-5 years of this and you will be free. Some groups have done other variations of this "plan" when recruiting new IBOs. I have heard of a 9-4-2 plan. On paper, it seems reasonable and it certainly seems attainable to some people. It's why new IBOs get "fired up". They believe that they will find their 6 and go diamond, and pay for their homes and jetskis is cash.

Then after a while, the harsh reality of the business sets in. The prices are high, making it difficult to sell products to customers. Because the prices are high, it becomes difficult to self consume 100 PV or more. If you are on standing order and attending functions, that expense starts to become heavy on your checkbook as well. The $9 check from Amway is not that exciting. You find that recruiting people to see the plan is difficult as the Amway opportunity has some baggage. Sponsoring people is even harder. You notice that many IBOs have no group or downline.

You find yourself conforming to the group because it is the thing to do. You put on a suit and a smile but deep down you have doubts. You stay in because you have been taught that success might be "right around the corner".

Despite what your upline has told you, the 6-4-2 plan is a myth. There is no substantial evidence that one can achieve diamond in 2-5 years. Some have done it but they are the exception and not the rule. Most IBOs do not sponsor another IBO, much less 6 others. Most IBOs quit before a year passes, thus your "6" is like spinning plates. Some will fall out and need to be replaced. Even if you are that 1in 10,000 who may reach diamond, maintaining the level is another story. There is much evidence that a diamondship is not easily maintained. It is why you have stories of diamonds quitting and/or leaving Amway for better oppertunities.

The 6-4-2 plan will be promoted as "possible" and "achievable", but please look at it with a discerning eye if you are considering this opportunity. If you are a current IBO, where in that plan are you now? Are you headed to diamond or not?

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