Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amway Global - Why Is Lying An Important Aspect Of Recruiting New IBOs?

In my personal experience and even now, I see evidence from IBOs that lying is still a big part of the script for those who are recruiting new IBOs. A business built on lies is a house built on a shaky foundation. Some of the lies?

We don't make any money until you do

We don't make money from tools

Quixtar is not Amway

Save 30% by becoming an IBO

The business is easy

All you need is six

Diamonds pay cash for everything

Jobs are for losers

98% for people are dead or broke by age 65

95% of small businesses fail in the first year

**Have you heard any of these statements? Have you been fed lies or half truths (lies)?
If these statements sounds familiar, it may be a red flag for you. I urge you to at least verify any questionable claims made by upline or by those recruiting you into the business.


Gina said...

There was just an article in the Wall Street Journal about start-ups and the numbers are more like around 50% of start-ups fail in the first five years and it is usually due to poor planning and/or lack of effort by the entenpenuer. If I can find the link I will provide it.
It would seem that some IBO's like to use the doom and gloom method of recruiting.

rlaurens said...

Here's a report from SBA about 50% small business closure (not failure) in 5 years.

Apparently 17% of business that close during the 5 years period is successful, so the the failure rate is just 33%.

ps. you should read how Tex-the-kook try to spin this report to support his theory that majority of small business failed. He COUNTS the number of times the word 'failure' shows in that doc!!

mike said...

Show me an honest IBO and I will show you someone that quit the business.

(For those keeping count..I posted this phrase on another board)

Anonymous said...

The Amway people are the habitual liars as they habitual offenders. They are not ashamed of their fraudulent business tactics or lies. It is same in India as elsewhere. Because the cult is the same. They are trained to lie and indulge fraudulent activities.
Shyam Sundar
Corporate Frauds Watch
For more details watch

Anonymous said...

It appears that people who promote Amway are also liars. Hah!

Gina said...

They lie because with the truth people would run away screaming from IBO's!!!