Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amway Global Opportunity - IBO Lies Makes It Palatable?

I remember when I was a kid, my mom once told me we were having steak and when I took a bite, I spit it out and realized she game me a piece of liver. While it may have looked like a steak, it didn't pass the taste test. I remember my mom mentioning that she told me it was steak because she thought it would be more palatable to me presented that way.

I presume this is why many IBOs and upline leaders either outright lie or mislead prospects to entice them to see the plan. Often times, Amway is not mentioned, or an IBO will say, I am so and so Enterprises. Amway is just my supplier. Or they may be VERY deceiving and same something like we are Network 21, we work closely with Amway.

I am not sure why IBOs feel the need to deceive prospects. For example, if I ran a business and my store had a famous fast food name on the bill board, and customers walked in only to find that I sold carrot juice and vegan dishes, I am certain many or most customers would walk out, never return, and tell their friends and family that my store is a scam of sorts.

Well, that is exactly whet many IBOs are doing when recruiting new folks into the Amway Oppoerunity. My friend Rocket has a great post showing an IBO leader embellishing some facts:

I wonder what Amway wil have to say about this? IBOs who use deceit when recruiting, you need to know that sooner or later, you have to come clean with your
prospect and the sooner the better. Getting them in front of a slick upline speaker will not necessarily help your cause. Building your business with honesty, in my opinion, is the way to give yourself better long term success and sustainability. A business built on deception requires more deception to keep it going and will likely fall apart in the future.

What are you building?


mrmaximum said...

I have a thought about this phenomena. I did read Rockets post on this and I have to wonder. Think about it, we all know what they state vary from oversimplifications to outright lies. However, what choice do they have? If you mention the name Amquix to a prospect, the results from will overwhelmingly be unfavourable. The result, they have no other alternative than to use the "curiosity approach" As for the statements of how much money you can make and how long it will take, well, if they told the truth; that it will take closer to 40 hours a week and much greater expense than you would expect and that STILL won't guarantee any sort of income increase even after a year or two (or possibly ever). Lets be honest, to keep this whole business going, they have no alternative but to continue with the paradigm as it stands, and to continue using the same 'promises' that really are no longer even realistic.

I've said it before and I will say it again, if these statements where indeed true and the business actually worked, one wouldn't have to work so hard to build a business. We would all know it worked and IBO's would simply utter the word AMQUIX and would soon be swarmed with prospects who would be DYING to get in. Think about it, prospects would come home and tell their families about how lucky there where that "An AmQuix IBO was at Target today and I was lucy enough to be there!!! HERE WE COME FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!"

They wouldn't be approaching us, we would be approaching them!!

mike said...

"They wouldn't be approaching us, we would be approaching them!!"

This is a question I asked. If the business is what they say it is, then why are there not folks eager to join..