Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amway Global - Noone Holds A Gun To Your Head To Make You Join!

I received this comment recently, and it made me chuckle. I thought this comment alone was enough to be able to make a blog post:

Anonymous Comment: "Who are you people? why do you do this? You spend time searching out places online to put down Amway, Why? No one ever holds a gun to anyone to make them join Amway, If it did`nt work for you ok, there are to many people out there like me that it did work for, Stop taking away peoples hope."

Joecool says: Simple, I am a former IBO. I did not have a gun to my head when I joined. I was conned. Conmen do not force you to do anything. They convince you that something is a good idea. In many, possibly most cases, what a conman wants you to do is beneficial to him but not necessarily for you. Just as in Amway, many recruiters are like conmen. There are some recruiters for Amway who lie about income, deny that Amway is the opportunity, or make other false claims such as the business is easy and you can be retired at age 35 instead of having aq dreaded j-o-b.

If Amway works for you, then I say go for it. My only question is whether it works for your downline? If your downline are losing while you gain, is it a good deal for your downline? Did your downline know this was the arrangement?

Iwould like to know how reading a brief article on this blog takes away someone's hope? I have never met or engaged in conversation with a dedicated IBO who suddenly read my blog and said "Joe, your blog makes so much sense that I quit Amway".

Hey, if you believe that Amway works, go for it. I only ask that you analyze your downline's success when you speak of your own. Your downline likely joined because they believed you could help deliver their dreams. That's a part of why I joined. When I realized it was all phoney, I quit.


dig4truth said...

False pretense is never good. Ever. That is why the bland term 'conmen' is used to describe IBOs.

For the record, I do not con. Per our discussions, you understand where I come from and what voice I represent. Profit first. The business numbers work. It makes sense. Math doesn't lie. But people can and do.

I don't make claims. I say, "Hey if this interests you, no matter what your interest level is, then let's start small, then go big. Let's make the simple things work so you can see how the bigger picture works."

Greatest part about teaching an IBO to retail is that they see they keep all the coin! I got IBOs that don't do much and they still get customer orders and receive their checks!

Now that's cool.

Anonymous said...

Joe, The one fact that always seems to be avoided by all of the critics that ask this tired old question of people who are succeeding: Good for you, but what about your downline?, is that, anyone who is succeeding, at ANY level, was a downline. As an Emerald, my upline is a 4000, and I have a downline 6 levels below me that is a Founders Emerald with 5 legs over and he makes more than I do. His immeadiate upline has about 600 pv outside of him. I never understand this whining and concern by you guys about the downline. Everyone in the business started at zero and determine to what degree they succceed. What exactly is the point of that question. That's like asking your CEO who gets a buy out package and a large bonus plan, "Yes but what about the janitors?"

Joecool said...

"That's like asking your CEO who gets a buy out package and a large bonus plan, "Yes but what about the janitors?""

Joe says: Yes, but in this case, the janitor applied for and agreed to the terms of a job. And the janitor got paid what he agreed to, based on his agreed compaensation [ackage which might be a wage or a salary.

IBOs seemingly pay their upline to work for them. It is quite the opposite of the janitor.

Anonymous said...

I find it very odd that you would feel "conned" when the company gives you a six month money back garantee. You got to keep $70 worth of products and get your small start up investment back. Everyone wants to call Amway a pyriam (what in life isn't though?), but when it doesn't work the way a pyriamid scam works (in amway you get paid for what how much you accomplish) then they get upset. Where else do you have the opportunity to pass up your boss and make more money than him if you work harder than him? Certainly not in corporate America.

Joecool said...

Your job may have a hierarchy but it is not a pyramid. The difference is that in Amway, the money for the higher ups comes out of the pockets of downline thru support materials and bonuses generated.

In a job, all workers get paid and have a net gain eah month. Not so in Amway.

Partha Acharya said...

Hey, Joecool, very sorry to say that you need a good Doctor. Take an appointment & just take rest. DONT FOLLOW THE GIANT AMWAY. Actually we always find people like you and don't follow their bullshit comments. Its not necessary to know Amway from guy like you rather its important to know who I am. So don't upset. concentrate on your own work. Good day.

Joecool said...

Hi Partha, are you just another brainwashed IBO? I doubt you'll even be back to respond to this. It's funny how many like you come and go. Not a single big talking IBO has even posted here and came back to prove they went platinum or better. Instead get drive by insults and comments and the IBOs disappear and never show up again. I don't see why you would be any different.