Friday, March 19, 2010

Amway Global - Life At The Top?

Go diamond! That is the battely cry of many thousands of IBOs who participate in a system. These starry eyed IBOs want to be on stage as diamonds so bad that the cry thinking about it. The truly believe that they will be there one day and that they will be the objects of adoration like the diamonds they currently worship. The diamond lifestyle is portrayed as fabulus wealth. They show scenes with mansions, fancy sports cars, jets and other indulgences that most people only dream about.

But the problem is that most downline IBOs don't realize how the diamonds attain these goodies. They think that Amway just rolls in barrels of cash to diamonds. That the money rolls in an will never stop. It is why you hear the term "walking the beaches of the world". This is because many IBOs think they will go diamond, walk away from their business and Amway will keep delivering these barrels of cash, month after month, year after year. Sadly, you don't see or hear of any diamonds engaging in these kinds of activities. Instead they are busy flying around the world rushing off from one meeting to another and continuing to recruit new IBOs. It is because about 2/3 of IBOs never even last a year in the business. Anytime you stop working, your income will shrink, and eventually dwindle down to nothing.

But sadly, IBOs also do not realize that for many diamonds, the lifestyle comes from their dedication to KATE, standing orders and functions. It is these streams of income that will fund the toys that diamonds show in their slideshows. Think about it, you sell Amway products and get a percentage back, but you sell a cd that costs about 50 cents to produce, and sell it for $7.00, that's over 1000% profit!. Or, upline may sell you a cd for $2.50, but have you pay $49 for the priviledge of buying that cd for $2.50. They also make a lot of money on functions as convention centers and city owned arenas can be rented cheap or even free in some cases, if the conventions will fill the city's hotels with visitors.

I believe that for these reasons, the Amway business is slowly shrinking in the US. People know the deal and aren't signing up. In order for there to be more diamonds, you need to have more and more people joining Amway. Because information is easily available, prospects find out the truth and either don't join, or they join because they think they are heroic enough to overcome overwhelming odds. I believe there is now ample evidence that "life at the top", or diamond and above is not all that. Diamonds are getting divorced, having homes foreclosed, going bankrupt, getting in debt, and some quit or resign. (So much for that lifelong residual income claim)

For those aspiring to go diamond, be careful, life at the top may not be all that you think. $150,000 to $200,000 may seem like a fortune compared to what you earn, but try minusing half of that for taxes and medical insurance. Then see if you can buy a mansion in cash, own a top model Mercedes Benz, and some other goodies. What you'll find is that you will simply have higher limits on your credit cards which might still be maxed out and you will have to pretend to be wealthy while living
bonus check to bonus check.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.


xbeliever said...

Hi Joecool,

You are absolutely correct. when I confronted our upline emerald about the system corruption and lies he admitted to me that his amway income would not even cover his travel expenses and that if he did not have profit from tools and functions then he would be completely broke.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad I didnt listen to bloggers like you when we started our Amway business 2 and a half years ago. We started and haven't grown super fast by any means but we have grown to 4000 pts and $1500 dollars a month. We have a blast building our business and we are great friends with our upline Diamonds they are great people and truly do live an amazing life. Now that Amway has lowered the cost of the products, They are even easier to sell and make extra cash. Luv it!

Don said...

I am a second time IBO. The first time was over 12 years ago, with my now ex-wife ( divorce had nothing to do with our business) which at the time our income form our Amyway business was paying the power bill and car payment, which we were both happy with. Now I have started over in another state and have been working at it since October. Am I setting the world on fire? No not at this time, but I love the products and the up-line I work with and meeting ppl and shareing my love for the business and the products. I hope to grow my business for sure. but even if I just use the products and share that idea with others, I am a happy camper. -Loving it- Don

ACP1212 said...

Who every wrote this is a looser, u need to think about jobs, and the economy ....Amway is the best thing every founded in these 500 years of free enterprice in the united states. U dont know what amway is, if become a diamond were easy, everybody would be it!

ACP1212 said...

amway is nt what u think bro amway is good and is not impossible to become a diamond or a crown

Anonymous said...

elizabeth, don, and acpeabrain1212--you're all full of shit, just like every other scambot in the universe!