Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amway Global - Go Platinum Then Go Broke?

I read about an investigation conducted by Bruce Craig, attorney general (at the time) of Wisconsin. He concluded that the average platinum in Wisconsin (in the 1980's) lost an average of $918 per year. Granted the study is now a bit dated, but even though Amway bonuses may have gone up, the prices of Amway products and the prices of functions and other related expenses have also gone up, therefore we can reasonably conclude that if a platinum lost money back then, it is quite reasonable to conclude that it still happens. In fact, due to the heavy emphasis on the use of cd's KATE, functions, books, websites and other tools that cost money, I would guess that a platinum's losses could be much more today!

I have seen many testimonials from former platinums who said they lost money or perhaps, broke even at best. I was at a fairly high pin level with recommended parameters, and I was at break even/small losses. I was not privvy to, but have also read of additional functions and expenses once you reach the platinum level and above, such as go diamond weekend.

Based on my understanding of tools expenses and some very believable testimony, I can reasonably conclude that it is quite possible for a platinum to lose money, mainly due to system expenses.

IBOs who are checking out the business or who are new, should take this information and think about it. If platinums make little or possible lose money, is this truly a viable business option for you? Also, keep in mind that only a fraction 0f 1% of IBOs ever reach platinum. Can you overcome these odds? Can you build a platinum business without the system? It is possible, but highly unlikely.

More food for thought, IBOs claim that platinums start to share in tool profits, but can anyone explain why platinums only share in profits from standing order and not all the other varieties of money making tools that upline peddles?

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