Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amway Global - Why Is Amway So Divisive?

One thing that seems pretty clear about the Amway business opportunity, it is ver divisive. I believe it is this way because of how uplines advise or teach their groups. Amway is often promoted as a way of life. That anyone who disagrees with the Amway opportunity is the "enemy", so to speak. I don't mean that literally, but in some cases, it gets pretty close. It isn't that uncommon for IBOs to shun friends and family members simply because they disagree with whether or no to be involved in the Amway business.

A lot of IBOs are taught to "avoid negative" which may also include friends, family and even news in general. They are to fill their heads with only positive information coming from upline's meetings or standing orders. (And they wonder why some people call Amway a cult?) Often, IBOs will be told that they are winners for being in Amway, so obviously, those who don't join Amway are "losers", or "broke"?
Then conversely, some IBOs might be called Ama-robots because they repeat what they hear on tapes and it sounds like a tape recording.

In no other business, even other MLM businesses do you see such a presence of online critics and supporters. More often than not however, I see critics posting factual information and Amway apologists attacking the critic rather than the information. Also common is for IBOs to make income claims that are hard to believe. Then when called on their bluffs, these IBOs disappear or start the name calling. Other supporters might try the drive through method of jumping into a blog, calling everyone a liar and then disappearing. The worst Amway trolls though, monitor the internet with google alerts or other mechanisms and seek out any discussion on Amway, and then drop into the discussion, whether wanted or not. They disrupt peaceful online communities thinking they will get the group to change their minds or opinions about the Amway opportunity.

Rarely are solutions ever discussed. I have in the past, offered real and viable solutions, but of course, none are ever considered by the other side. But I have yet to see any Amway supporters do much more than to critisize and attck those who disagree with their business.

Amway is a controversial topic. But the real question should be why that is so?

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Anonymous said... It's all I want to comment on. Scamway is a term coined on another blog.