Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amway Global - Statues Of Critics?

I recently heard a humorous comment from an Amway defender asking where are the statues of critics if they know so much about everything. I had to chuckle and ask myself, where are the statues of Amway diamonds? There aren't any that I know of. And why would there be? I mean think about it, what has a diamond accomplished? They have done nothing of note. They are only legendary because that's what IBOs have been taught. These diamond leaders mean squadoosh outside of the Amway business.

Have diamonds invented a cure for cancer, or have they achieved something of greatness? The answer is no, all they have done is achieve a level in a multi level business. And if I may add, they have achieved it in many cases, by deceiving and or outright lying to their downline. Instead of a statue, some of these diamonds should be sitting in jail for fraud.

A critic is often just simply sharing an experience or pointing out the obvious, which is that Amway is not a good opportunity as some diamonds would have you believe. And if you sit and think about it, an Amway diamond or an Amway defender has something to gain by duping their prospects and downline. A critic gains nothing.

My only goal in running my blogs is that I hope to inform information seekers so if they still decide to join Amway, they do so with full diclosue that it may not be the greatest business opportunity as they may have been led to believe. The facts speak for themselves. The average active IBO earns just over $100 a month, and the average figure is inflated by some bigger diamonds pins. My guess is that the median income of an IBO is probably less than $35 a month. And that income is instantly eaten up and more, if you are an IBO on the "system".


Anonymous said...

Joe, I just wanted to thank you for your good service. I also noticed on the Indian blogger Shyam's blog that someone, probably from Scamway Taiwan or Scamway Hong Kong or could be mainland China, posted a phrase in Traditional Chinese and you thought it was the Japanese kanji. 大声笑 is the simplified Chinese version (I did not install the traditional Chinese support), it is roughly equivalent to LOL. The crap was exported to China and it has been victimizing lots of poor Chinese. My friend said she was harrassed with a 9000 RMB (USD $1324) cooking wok by her Scamway friend! If that is not expensive, then I don't know what expensive means any more. She said her mother also has a roomful of Scamway craps that will take her years to consume, because the neighbor happens to be a Scamway IBO.

Joecool said...

Truth be told, I didn;t know what kind of character it was. If you look at the context of what I wrote, you would note that I was joking.

Amthrax said...

Critics do not worship false idols, so they have no need for statues of themselves :)