Monday, December 29, 2008

Amway Global - Another Testimony

I was raised in Amway/Quixtar (parents are Diamonds) and I myself became an IBO 13 years ago. I understand this business and how it works. So you know, I'm writing this with the intentions of never promoting Quixtar/Amway ever again. (Quixtar will be fading away and called Amway offically again in 2009)First a lot of things have changed in the past 3-5 years which are not for the better of the IBOs. IBOs have been trying to get prices reduced for years but the corporation has refused. The prices are usually 4-5X the price you would pay at Walmart. Because the prices are so high getting customers is extremely difficult. I personally never built a business over 2000 PV (points on the performance scale) and that is not for a lack of trying. I have placed dozons of people personally into this business and each year I watched the 99% of them not renew and their main complaint was they couldn't afford to buy the product or get others to buy them.

Now the products are extremely good, I don't disagree with that, but still don't justify the cost.Secondly, as mentioned above Quixtar is changing its name back to Amway. This change was voted against by the IBOAI (board represting the IBOs) because it was felt to be a negative move which would hurt the IBOs businesses. Since the beginning Amway/Quixtar has stated that no changes would be made without the approval of the IBOAI but this past year they decided to make the change even though the board was 100% against it. We have lost all hope in the IBOAI to keep our businesses safe. A/Q can and will change the rules whenever and however they see fit....NOT a good thing.Third, the government in the UK is trying to completely shut Amway down because of their pricing and structure. Because prices are so high Amway has become an internal consumption pyramid which is illegal. The same fate will probably happen here if the UK gov't succeeds.

There is a lot of information on the web about everything I stated here and I highly recommend reading it before making any decisions. I wish I could honestly say that Quixtar was a good company, it use to be, but I can no longer with good conscience say that it is.

Even my parents who have been in the business for 30+ years are no longer promoting it because it has changed so much since they started.Do a google search for "iborebellion" or "quixtar lost my cents" to find websites of current and former IBOs sharing their experience and comparing prices....should give you a good idea about Q/A and what you are thinking of entering.Its a sad time for all IBOs and hopefully things will be corrected but it will be at a major cost to everyones income and the faith and trust in the company has been lost. I recommend to everyone just to sit out on this business opportunity until things shake out. Look at it in 2-3 years if it is still around then.Something you may also want to do is create a couple of Google Alerts for Amway and Quixtar. Watch what comes into your email inbox for a couple of weeks and make a decision after that.


Tex said...

Hi,my name is tex and I am a stupid troll. Because I cannot control my temper and racism, Joecool has to moderate my comments and reject some of my comments. Maybe if I can act like an adult, Joe will allow me to post here again.

Network 21 Amway Blog said...

"Amway has become an internal consumption pyramid which is illegal".

No doubt the business practices are questionable, but on what grounds is it illegal? If it is illegal wouldn't it e shut down?