Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Amway Global - Critics Are Outdated?

I had a good chuckle today when an Amway/WWDB apologist claims that I am wrong, and my experience is invalid because my experience is "outdated". That I need to see current issues and things to understand what is really going on. To my knowledge, the only major difference since I left the business 10-11 years ago is the online ordering and corporate issuance of bonuses. Sure there are new products and some other things, but the foundation of what I perceive to be wrong with the opportunity still exists. Many of the leaders that taught bad business 10 years ago are still teaching. Some of the teaching for sure has changed, but not necessarily for the better. There's plenty of reason to believe that the same bad business practices taught long ago still exists. Most IBOs still lose money if they follow the system. Many IBOs are still under the impression that buying from youself is a business activity. Many still believe the system will deliver them to untold wealth. Some and possibly manyIBOs still put down jobs and people who are not in the business. A HUGE Amway supporter (IBOFB) bemoans accreditation as a sad joke (?). What has changed?

But I leave this as food for thought when supporters want to cite outdated information.
From thisbiznow:

Average IBO income - from 2001 and based on a survey done in 2000.
Average income of higher pins - from 2005 (It is the eve of 2009).

If supporters will cry foul about outdated experiences, maybe they should cry foul about outdated information as well?


quixtarisacult said...


Isn't it good that all Amway apologists don't necessarily agree about things like accreditation and the right to differ. Insider is right when he says that if he was exposed to all the right wing bull-crap when first exposed to Amway, he most likely would have left in disgust. Thinking people indeed should. Being a liberal shows some degree of intelligence in the face of all the utter hypocrisy of the Devos empire which has in the past sought to turn even the political party of its adherents and initiates to their own narrow minded ideology.

Politics has been so deeply ingrained in the Amway crime story. Amway operates much the same way Al Capone operated in Chicago so many years ago.

The cult initiators in Ada, Michigan support any sect, politic, or religion they can exploit in their money extracting scheme. After all, they run a World Cult. Right wing Bible thumpers here may be par for the course, but almost any cult religion or sect in another nation like China or India serves the same purposes. The American Way has been badly perverted here in the United States and is being exported 'criminogenically' world wide.

Persons who knowingly distort the facts and represent Amway as a good opportunity are liars, guilty of crime: INTENT TO DEFRAUD. They may quibble over non-sequential issues like the right to differ and obfuscate over 'accreditation' but this is all a subterfuge to avoid truth and promote their scheme.

Joecool said...

Despite insder's claim about "probably" would walk out if he heard right wing stuff, he's heard it now but still advocates the business.

It would be ok if the functions weren't sold as he slam dunk key to your success.

It's bad enough the upline gets the lion's share of your volume bonus, but then they want you to pay through the teeth so they can tell you who to vote for and what to believe it? Sad.

Amthrax said...

Maybe IBOFB should plan a trip to the US to see how the business is built states-side. Find a location where N21 doesn't have any meetings and he'll have to plug into a Britt, Yager, or WWDB event. That would be fun to see his reaction to what's going on stage.

Happy New Year, y'all!