Monday, December 1, 2008


"Financial rewards in the Quixtar business are based on effort, time and talent. Individual success varies, but Quixtar wants you to know the average earnings. "

The key word in this statement that I haven't really heard discussed often is "talent". Now talent in relation to Quixtar is not defined, but if it is a fact that talent is a factor in your success or failure in quixtar, then it is not true that "anyone can do it". Even if you have the talent, then you also need to have the time and put in the effort. While it is probably true of any business, (effort, time and talent) why are so few IBOs able to earn any kind of significant income through the quixtar opportunity? ($115 a month average income of active IBOs)

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Gina said...

WOW...this is an excellent quote from the corp. It says exactly what it needs to in a way that is easy for IBO's and kingpins to spin into a statement that says how success is inevitable if you follow the system.

Talent is the key word and you can bet the corp used that word for a reason. They know that IBO's may not know that talent is not something that can be attained from the "tools".