Friday, December 5, 2008

Amway Global Commercials

Over the last several months, I 've seen a handful of Amway Global commercials and they are good commercials, and the presentation looks professional. One commercial talks about Nutrilite and the camera pans over the various vitamins and other Nutrilite product line. It then has a 1-800 number to call if you want to purchase the products. Another commercial also has a contact number if you wish to becme an IBO.

My question for the reading audience is this: What is the real purpose of the commercials? Is it truly to expose name recognition of the products? It is to allow propects to call and gain information about becoming an IBO? Or is the commercial simply a PR plug so IBOs can claim credibility due to the airtime?

I wonder how many calls Amway Global received after the commercials aired?


Gina said...

I think the main reason for the commercials is for PR, for the IBO's benefit. Now they can say "see what you heard is wrong. We are reputable, we have commercials on tv."
At the same time I think that the corp is hoping for some retail sales as a side effect. That's the only way to experience growth and they know it. No retail sales and sales will remain stagnant as the turnover with IBO's is pretty much consistent.

Only time will tell if it is working. I know many people who have seen the commercials and laughed at them.

Tex said...

The purpose is to make you feel like an idiot for quitting.

Dave said...

When in reality, tex is an idiot for staying in so long.

Tex said...

When in reality, I benefit from the commercials, and YOU don't.

NOW who's the idiot, Dave?

I'll give you a hint.

It's one of us, but it isn't me.


Dave said...

How do you benefit from the commercials tex? Did you sell stuff or sponsor someone as a result?

You could benefit more financially by panhamdling. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

wow...the crickets are STILL chirping!!!