Friday, June 19, 2009

Amway Global - This Testimony Sums Up A Lot!

I recently saw this on anothet blog and it is a very short testimony, but it sums up the ridiculous mindset that IBOs are taught to have by upline.

"I was involved with Amway and then Quixtar for 18 years and never made any money, but think it is a great program because your support team will teach you the secrets of success in anything. "

This IBO was involved for 18 years and never made any money. But he thinks it's a great program? Why? 18 years of time and money spent building a business for no money? Is this what upline teaches you? When I was an IBO, upline taught us that we were indeed successful as long as we were on standing order and attending functions. What they really meant was the IBOs were making upline successful by being on standing order and attending functions.

As far as I know, there is no evidence that standing order or functions helped anyone to achieve the kind of success that the diamonds portray on stage. Of course, IBOs are welcome to prove me wrong.


Levi said...

so all those millionairs are wrong when they said the same thing? that these businesses would teach you how to function in the business world. not your typical busiess world but our business world.

Joecool said...

Levi, in 50 years of existence, millions and millions of people have been IBOs. How many IBOs became millionaires?

Only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBOs even made a million dollars thru Amway.

Gina said...

Above all, how many IBO's have you heard of achieving any kind of success in the business world outside from Amway, not involving selling motivational crap? And there is no "our business world"...there is only one.

Mike said...

I think the most important questions to ask of when inquiring about becoming an IBO.

How much of your income is produced from retailing products?

How many retail customers do you sell to each month?

Of all your retail customers how many are repeat business?

I would only settle for numbers, any other response is not important.