Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amway Global - Diamond Wealth Is An Illusion?

One of the things I noticed after walking away from the business was how IBOs and higher pins try to create an illusion of wealth. They wear suits to all of their meetings, act as if they are already successful in Amway, as if acting the part will make it so. Some IBOs are taught to fake this success, or "fake it till you make it". I suppose this is taught so prospects will be enticed into looking at the business or possibly joining because they see success and want a piece of the action.

But as time passes, more and more evidence has become available which shows that the diamond level may not be all it's promoted to be. There are stories of diamonds quitting the business, diamonds fighting and suing each other over tools income, and diamonds having homes foreclosed or going bankrupt. A book written by Ruth Carter about a diamond who was her former employer showed a diamond with a gross income of over a million dollars, yet this diamond apparently was broke, living in debt but continuing to portray success while on stage.

What many starry eyed IBOs and prospects see on stage are pictures of the easy life, early retirement, no job, fancy cars and homes, fancy vacations and exclusive things in life. All of these can be achieved by joining Amway and going diamond right? Amway reports that the average diamond earns less than $150,000 and that is before taxes and business expenses. When you sit down with a calculator, it is easy to see that it is virually impossible for most diamonds to achieve what they portray. Amway apologists will claim that their groups don't do this, but basically, the function that is currently called "winter conference" used to be called "dream nite" where the theme was the lavish goodies that diamonds have, and you can have, if only you will build the business.

So why do the diamonds put on this show? Simple, because it's a recruiting tool. People won't want to join if you tell them to work hard, achieve diamond and live a middle class lifestyle. Unfortunately, I believe that a diamond income will mostly provide a middle class lifestyle and not that of a jetsetter. Do the math and it's very clear. Also, one should note that much of a diamond's $150,000 income is in the form of a one time annual bonus, thus a diamond's monthly income might be quite low. Many people don't know this and believe the hype they see on stage.

This blog and this post is to clear up some of the hype and myths behind a diamond lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Joe, Is that to say that all the people at a company who wear suits are doing so because the mandate of company ploicy is to appear "wealthy"? Or is it to look profressional? When I meet with a professional for the first time in nearly any forum, there is a suit being worn. Also, I am still waiting on the answer to the question I asked 3-4 months ago as to what is the difference in the people who make it to any level, 1000 or Diamond, considering they all start at zero and there are no freebies or special shortcuts up the ladder.

Joecool said...

Anon: Joe, Is that to say that all the people at a company who wear suits are doing so because the mandate of company ploicy is to appear "wealthy"?

Joe: No, but I believe it is why Amway IBOs wear suits.

Regarding your second question, what is the difference in people who make it to levels, etc. I believe the higher you go up, the better of a "politician" you need to be. You need to be able to talk smoothly and lie to succeed. And you may or may not know this, but there are special shortcuts and freebies in certain groups. It's called PV manipulation.

mike said...

The AMO's are selling a dream, one where if you do the work, follow the system, you can become very wealthy to the point of buying cars with cash and going anywhere in the world you want...

The is the function of the AMO's, and that is were they make the wealth.from selling not only Amway products but the tools, which is in a more profitable business.

A pin level is just that, it does not denote a specific income level..once someone obtains a pin level, they are considered that level regardless if they have a lower PV in the following months.

Diamonds are perceived to have excessive income, but it seems that is not the real truth.

The difference in a 1000pv and a diamond...it is one is more in debt than the other..and one is using the other to get out of debt.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Those last two responses are not at all consistant with the normal intellect that I will admit that you usually show in the majority of you postings. Although I rarely agree with them, I admit that you seem to be a intellegent person. However these last two answers are sophmoric at best. You merely make assumptions based on personal bias and some deeper pent up anger over your perception that a former upline did you wrong.

As far as the politician comment; one must become a more skilled people person to ascend to higher level within any company. Technical savvy and intellect are mandate, however one will never climb to the upper levels of any company or enterprise without a mastery of people skills and relationship building abilities.

Joecool said...

Anonymous #2, my posting is based on my experience and opinions and it is clearly stated in my profile. If you have a counter argument, please feel free to explain why.

Anonymous said...

Because the majority of your commentary is made under the guise of broad sweeping generalizations. Your comments are never prefaced with, "In my opinion...".

Joecool said...

Anonymous, have you ever looked at the header of my blog?

"Based on Joecool's experiences and opinions"

Anonymous said...

Yes I have read your profile and the profile disclaimer, but you know as well as I do that very few ever really do. My only comment is that each of your posts should carry the same disclaimer

Joecool said...

Yes yes, I will make changes to my blog format because of an anonymous commenter. Not!