Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Amway Global - Diamonds, Luxurious Lifestyle Or A Traveling Amway Salesman?

If you have attended a big Amway function put on by one of the Motivational Groups such as BWW, WWWDB, or N21, you probably saw video clip and/or pictures of diamonds living the good life. Waking up at noon, taking fabulous trips, retiring at the age of 30, fancy cars and suits, etc etc. These are all recruiting tools for the Amway leaders. Afterall, the Amway Global Opportunity would not sound quite as attractive for a diamond (or higher) to mention that their Amway business takes up 5o hours a week, that they don't have time to "hang out" with family and friends, or that they have a 30 year mortgage on their homes, and possibly lease or rent the fancy cars that you seem them drive up in at functions. Many IBOs simply assume that diamonds and above has inlimited money pouring in from the Amway corporation.

Based on the average diamond earning just under $150,000 a year, and the diamonds constantly having to travel to do functions and open meetings, as well as working a personal group and helping their platinums legs to maintain their qualifications, a diamond probably spends full time hours maintaining their Amway business. Additionally, there is a need to keep recruiting downline as IBOs quit every day. The moment you stop working, your group is likely to backslide. Even a minor scandle within the group can wipe out an entire leg.

So do diamonds actually live the lifestyle they portray at functions? It is my best guess that diamonds live a decent middle class lifestyle. I believe that a regular diamond, or perhaps higher, but without the founder's designation, probably lives life like a traveling Amway salesman. The only difference being that these folks sell dreams and hopes more so than Amway products. I would guess that contant traveling to and from various functions and meetings can get to be tiring and cumbersome. Also, when you are away from your home base, your personal group may suffer a bit. This can cause great stress if the diamond IBO is borderline on re-qualifying for their current level.

Also, my understanding is that much of a diamond's income comes in the form of an annual bonus, thus a diamond's monthly income may be relatively small, with a lump sum coming at the end of the Amway fiscal year in the form of a bonus.

Does the lifestyle of a traveling salesman appeal to you? If not, re-read this blog post and take a second look.


Anonymous said...

Joe, Most of a Diamonds income actually comes from system money, not the annual bonus. Once again we cross the all too convienent line of quoting averages. Many of those $150K Diamonds are not even tied into systems nor will you ever see their "lifestyle" videos.

I made more than 150K my first year at Emerald and have made around 200 for several years.

This year with the $150K Founders Emerald bonus, I'll pull in very close to 400K.

Many successful Diamonds don't even do meetings any more and only actually do functions a few times a year.

There are many ways to qualify for "pins". My first Q12 trip I went on, I met an elderly couple that we're personal to Rich and Jay, as a result of everyone having died in between. They has been full time in Amway since the late 60's on nothing but commercial laundry detergent and had hit Emerald about a dozen times over the years through their sales team, doing the same thing. They had never missed a Q12 trip of bonus.

So there are many different ways to do things.

Joecool said...

Anonymous, thanks for visiting and posting. I am aware of the tool money. Would you like to be the first one to give a rough breakdown of how the system works versus the Amway income?

Anonymous said...


I believe that I have covered this on a couple occasions as an "Anonymous" poster but here again....

By the way, one of the things that gets glossed over, time after time on this site and others, is that, in many organizations the "System Income" is incorporated into the 6-4-2 at the open meetings. Although not specific, for various intangibles based on structure and balance. Amway has been trying to come up with a compensation plan that rivaled the systems bonus plans, in an futile effort to draw more loyalty to the corporation, rather than the teams that IBO's belong to.

Think of Teams in terms of Unions and Amway as the corporation. The Growth Incentive Bonuses, 20K Q12 and 150K & 500K Founder Diamond and Emerald Bonuses are efforts in that direction.

In my organization, and I will also remind you that in an earlier posting, that triggered a girl named Gina to start demanding to see P&L statements and Balance Sheets, that I knew of the system income at the outset and was determined to be earn the right through performance, to participate in the revenue sharing plan.

Breaks and bonuses based on tool flow begin at the Platinum level and go up to greater percentages at Sapphire, Emerald, Emerald with 4 & 5 Platinum legs and then Diamond. Function attendance bonuses begin at Emerald.

It is very possible and in my case true, that an IBO with a properly balanced and structured business will make considerably more in the revenue sharing plan through the team than trough Amway's bonuses. However with the new Amway bonuses, that is not as much of a certainty.

This is not the "big secret" that I believe that most bloggers think they are exposing like Jack Bauer at CTU. It's pretty well known. When the Dateline program hit the airwaves several years ago, I lost 2 people from it. both of those people were perpetual "Founders 65 PV'ers". Most everyone else was reaction was "Oh, we already knew that, because it's in the plan every week"

As I have said before also, the other thing that is ignored in this long running debate, is that every Platinum, Emerald or Diamond, started at ZERO and received no special inside favors to earn their way up the ladder. Totally opposite from corporate America and current state of the economy today.

Look, Amway has it flaws, many of them and the systems have theirs as well, but what doesn't? If you want to really do something constructive, why not focus on those that abuse their privilege while in the system, like the Cincinnati Emerald that had about 10 affairs and ripped downline off with bad business deals and owes more than 100 k to a family that he got to go into kiosk deals and a bridal shop. These are the people that need to be exposed.