Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amway Global - Who Benefits From Being CORE?

One thing that many IBOs are taught by upline is to be CORE. CORE is a set of steps designed to make you a successful IBO. I reviewed the steps and I believe that the steps of CORE are far more beneficial to upline than to the IBO himself/herself.

1 - Show the Plan
2 - Retail the Products
3 - Tapes
4 - Books
5- Functions
6 - Accountability
7 - Counsel with Upline (Be teachable!)
8 - Buy 100% of your own products
9 – Communikate

Show the plan. Recruitment. This may benefit an IBO, but it also benefits upline more, until an IBO is able to reach higher levels of the business. Keep in mind that the poor retention rate makes this a non stop activity, provided an IBO can even find people to see the plan.

Retail. This may benefit an IBO, but for some reason, some groups are taught not to sell but to self consume products. Also, high AMway prices make this very difficult when a similar or same product can be purchased at a local store for less.

Tapes, books and functions. These all benefit upline financially. Some IBOs claim they learn from these activities but their correlation with finanical success is illusory at best.

Counsel with upline and be teachable. This is where upline outs an IBO on the hook. You are supposed to be teachable and do what upline advises. Yet at the same time, failure is attributed to the IBO and not the upline's advice. In counseling sessions, IBOs may be told to "submit" to upline, or check your ego at the door.

Product loyalty. Buy 100% of your own products. Seems sensible except an IBO doesn't make any products. And IBO is basically a distributor, or middle man and product loyalty to non Amway products makes little sense.

Communikate. A voicemail system. While this may be handy, I find it odd that IBOs do not use the Amway voicemail system which would net an IBO some PV/BV. This is also a big financial benefit to someone in your upline and the IBO is in conflict with product loyalty no? Seems as though you can be in conflict with upline teaching, as long as upline benefits financially by the conflict, as in Communikate.

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