Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amway Global - The 6-4-2 Plan - IBOFightback Shows How Clueless He Is Once Again

I recently wrote a post about how an platinum group, collectively loses money if they are on the system. I beliebe this is true of any group, especially if they are CORE IBOs. Here is the original post:

IBOFightback, (See links below) apparently is a discredited lower level IBO, much like the prolific "Tex". He has been known to lie and spin facts to make the Amway business opportunity look better. When I wrote the above listed post, I most certainly undertstood that an Amway group is fluid, meaning some IBOs sign up and do nothing, some sign up and do a little, and some sign up and work very hard. In any group, you will have a core group of IBOs who put forth the most effort and that is the gist of the post. So it is very likely that a platinum group has well over 100 to 150 IBOs, with some doing nothing, some doing little, and some working hard, with the hard working obviously comprising most of the PV.

But IBOFightback makes absolutely ridiculous comments which I will refute.

IBOFightback ”Because the 6-4-2 simplified model does not reflect a real business”

Joecool says: In what business model, franchise or other does a business show a simplified model that does not reflect a real business? If you were recruited to buy say a McDonald's franchise, would you ask for bonafide real financials or would you be persuaded to buy the franchise based on a "simplified model that does not reflect a real business"? Seems to me only a shyster would present such a model, and only a fool would jump into a business after seeing a presentation which has no basis in reality. (And yes, I was foolish enough to buy this at one time)

IBOFightback goes on to spin some more: "JoeCool here is assuming that every single IBO in a Platinum group is working (and spending) hard building a business"

Joecool says: I fully understand that some IBOs do nothing or little and said so in my comments. It is the recruiting IBOs showing the plan who are showing the "6-4-2 simplified model (which) does not reflect a real business" who are assuming that every single IBO in a platinum group is working and building a business. If it's wrong to assume that every single IBO is building a business and working, why is it shown as your business model? Seems deceptive and hypocritical to me.

So in closing folks, once again it is IBOFightback and other IBOs who are their own worst enemies. They come up with a ridiculous argument once again to try and spin and deflect the obvious truth. That the 6-4-2 or 9-4-2 is a ridiculous way to present the business as in IBOFighback's own words, "Because the 6-4-2 simplified model does not reflect a real business".

My question, why don't IBOs use a real life example to show a prospect? Is the truth embarrassing? Or do they purposely try to deceive unsuspecting prospects by showing them a "6-4-2 simplified model (which) does not reflect a real business"? When the plan is shown, I've have never heard of the presenter qualifying the plan as such.


Joecool said...

Wow, who sent out the bat signal?

IBOFightback already came to read the article. His google alerts must be on code red. LOL

MichMan said...

ibofb posted this on his site:


ibofb says:

"MichMan puts his claim to have reached platinum under serious doubt by commenting on JoeCool's original post ...

(MichMan quote) Joe, good analysis.

ibofb continues:

"Now, you go on to admit that not all IBOs have expenses, but seriously MichMan, do you believe a Platinum group is structured 6-4-2 with 78ibos? And that personal product use is a business expense?"

Joecool said...

We know that nobody actually sponsors 6 who sponsors 4 who sponsors 2.

My example "model" represents the core IBOs. I would imagine that every platinum probably has a group of over 100 IBOs. Some do nothing or little but there are a dedicated group of IBOs, generally on the system who will generate most of the PV for the group.

IBOFB with his post has shown how ridiculous his positon is.

Why would Michman's agreement with that post diminish his claim that he was a platinum? Silly of IBOFB at best.

Anonymous said...

IBOFB should not talk about being discredited. What has he accomplished in Amway? A former 1000 pin?

Anonymous said...

I never thought IBOFB could top the stupidity of his "300 Diamonds" claim.....

I stand corrected.

Joecool said...

IBOFB has been proven to be a liar many times so ridiculous claims he makes are not surprising. Last heard, there were approximatley 160diamond-ships in Amway North America. Considering Amway's been around 50 years and millions of people have been IBOs, that means only a tiny fraction of 1% reached the pinnacle of success in Amway.