Friday, May 1, 2009

Amway Global - Amway and Amway Motivational Organizations – A Symbiotic Relationship?

A symbiotic relationship is basically one where two parties receive mutual benefits from each other. It happens a lot on nature. For example, if you’re ever seen national geographic or discovery channel, big sharks often have pilot fish attached to them. The pilot fish eats parasites off the shark, and in return the shark provides the pilot fish protection from other predators.

It is my opinion that Amway and the Amway Motivational Organizations (AMOs) have this type of relationship. I believe that the AMOs such as WWDB, BWW, N21 have been operating with little to no intervention by Amway corporation. There are countless stories of misrepresentations and outright lies told by some of these AMO leaders which has resulted in financial losses by IBOs which may be billions of dollars. Yes, Amway corporation started an accreditation program, but it has no teeth. Even some avid Amway supporters agree that accreditation was/is a joke.

Amway apparently ignores reports of upline leaders teaching unethical and bad business practices, but some of these practices are beneficial to Amway, such as the defacto 100 PV requirement for IBOs, and well as the continual recruitment of new IBOs. These practices by AMOS keep Amway’s sales fairly consistent and keeps Amway profitable. Amway has developed a spotty reputation in North America, because of the antics of IBOs on the recruiting trail. You don’t hear any complaints about IBOs trying to sell products. The complaints are about recruiting practices. People tricked into attending meetings for example.

Amway’s defense is that they cannot control the actions of independent business owners. While this is true to some degree, much of the problems can be traced upline. IBOs didn’t invent the zany anctics such as Amway has no connection with Quixtar, or Perfect water, or other lies about the tools systems. Downline are taught many of these things by upline leaders. I will admit that nobody expects Amway to infiltrate all IBO meetings, but certainly they are capable and can afford to monitor some of these meetings.

Unless something is done to curb abuses, eventually with information so easily accessible, Amway will struggle in North America. It appears to be evident already as I have read about functions being downsized to smaller venues. Some AMO leaders are also apparently falling into financial difficulties. Is the (legal) pyramid crumbling?

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