Friday, May 29, 2009

Amway Global - Former IBO Testimony

The Problems I have with the Quixtar/Amway System

I was signed up with Quixtar for 8 months or so, and had a huge problem with everything they are and everything they stand for. In my opinion, and I’m sure many people disagree with me, Quixtar/Amway is one of the worst scams to hit North America… Ever!

1. They Sell Hope to People Who Need it The Most: The recruiters tell you how easy it is, how little time it takes, and how a 6-figure income is just around the corner. What they don’t tell you is how much it costs in the long run, how many tapes, books, etc… you’re going to have to buy, and how hard it is to recruit people.

2. 1 Hour a Week: Yeah right, they glamorize how little time you have to spend talking to people to get them to sign up. My recruiter talked drove 2 hours to get to me, 2 hours talking to me, 1 hour signing me up, and 2 hours driving home. Wow… 1 hour a week, and he’s experienced.

3. Highest Quality Products Available: In what world? These products aren’t any better than the products you buy in stores, I tested the laundry detergent on two brand new shirts and the Quixtar brand faded a lot quicker than Tide.

4. Lower than Costco Prices: In what century? The prices are unbelievably high. When I asked my recruiter why he told me that the prices are a little higher because they save us time and gas money. What?

5. Products not available anywhere else: Only if you don’t know where to look, all the supplements I signed up to receive at discount prices were available online for ¾ of the price Quixtar offered them.

6. Food Products Are Delicious: Nope, sorry, no way. These products were disgusting, worst protein shakes ever, the candy was stale, and the energy drinks tasted like battery acid.

7. They’ll Ship Right to Your Door, Even if you Live out of Town: Wrong again, I live 5 minutes out of town and I had to meet the delivery guy at the bus station. I wouldn’t be upset about this, but my Recruiter promised me that he would make sure the products were delivered to my door.

8. 6-Figure Income: The average salary of a Quixtar IBO is $115 a month. You spend at least $180 a month getting your 20 points, so most members are in the hole $65 every month.

9. Success: This is the main beef I have with Quixtar. The success of the people at the top is dependant on the failure of the people at the bottom. Top level Quixtar members can make up to $150,000 a month, but the majority of people are losing up to $200 a month. That’s what keeps the system in perfect balance.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this read, if you’re looking for more info on the Quixtar “Opportunity” google Dateline Quixtar.
Thank you,


Piet said...

1. If they don't sell hope, what should they sell? Despair?
2. My diamond requires 8 2-hour slots per week if you think you want to be successful. So I agree, 1 hr a week is not gonna get you anywhere.
3. Your test doesn't make sense? How does soap powder fade?
4. Old, repeatedly pointed out mistake. Don't compare prices, compare cost per use. Then Amway is alway competitive.
5. First of all, you cannot get Nutrilite, Artistry, E-spring, I-Cook etc anywhere else. Obviously you get other vitamins. But the bestselling brand in the world is Nutrilite. (Source: I wonder why. Maybe the quality and organic ingredients has something to do with that.
6. Tastes differ. And sometimes you rather eat something that doesn't taste like sweets, but it is very nutritious.
8. IBO's don't make salaries, they earn profit. And they get $180 worth of product, so to me it sounds like they actually make a GP of $115. Not bad for the effort most people put in for that.
9. Dateline? Isn't that the people that blew up an SUV to show that the petrol tank is dangerous? Maybe you shouldn't trust them toooo much. Anyway, how old is that show? 10 years? 20 years? Why don't you get something more recent? Like the TEAM saga.

Oh, but that one proved that Amway actually took action against wrongdoers.

rlaurens said...

Oh, so Euromonitor you trust, but Dateline you don't? Double standard much?

Why choose euromonitor? Why not Nielsen, which has 21,000 employees? Euromonitor only has hundreds.

Is there any reason to choose euromonitor other than the fact that they endorse you? There are over 5,000 market research companies in the US alone. It shouldn't be too difficult to find one that will endorse YOUR company, especially if you accept company 1/100th the size of Nielsen.

Levi said...

laurens again you dissapoint me. where someone has a good discussion going you vomit your nonsense opinion hating views on it. Dateline is media, the media runs this country. it's like saying statistics are only applicable to the people taken in the testing. No you cannot believe everything you hear but hear this. I go to Gnc for multivitamins, at gnc they have thier vitamins in a plastic coating (nutrilite does not) when I can still see the plastic coating in my bowl movements how do i know I got the vitamins? Is it diet coke or regular? You may never know what to believe.

Levi said...

And besides Laurens I would love to give you a spot on my blog and hear more on your knowledge of this whole business. and please tell us what you do and why you seem to know so much from other sources of information?

Levi said...

And as far as the comment on not delivering out of town. does Ups deliver there? cause maybe they are just being lazy because i live far out in the country and as long as ups delivers I get my products

Levi said...

Piet if your diamond requires anything then you are working for him. you should be requireing things from him. not following whatever they say like a helpless little lamb headed for the slaughter.

Gina said...

Easy to say how it should be....but in reality it is a different story. You should give reality a try Levi, it is interesting at least.

Anonymous said...

summary: i see a comment of most pathetic and most pessimistic person in the world. i think you really represent all those who fail in this business.

1."They Sell Hope to People" - Just like every business, no matter how good the result of your detail survey before running business, all you have is ONLY HOPE.
2."1 Hour a Week" : Do you know how much time and cost i have to spend in building my own business? it took me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in building my own business. not to mention how much Capital and working Capital i have to prepare, how much sunk cost i have to bear in paying all my employee's salary, paying all the warehouse cost and cost of stock opname. Can you imagine how many times i have to cross-check daily reports ? Can you imagine the cost i have to bear in issuing all company's legal certificate ? Running your business with Amway, you don't need to pay cost for employees because you're recruiting partners. you don't need to pay employees for creating reports for you because Amway handles it for you. with Amway you don't have to pay all company's legal certificates, all you need to do is to register and that's it every year your fixed cost is extremely low. with Amway you don't have to pay for warehouse cost, Amway handles it for you. Even if Amway requires 8 hours a day for you to succeed, i tell you it's still nothing compared to the cost you have to pay when you build your own business.

3. "Highest Quality Products Available: In what world?" -- Offcourse Amway is not the only one. Amway has hundreds of products, if you're not comfortable in selling one item you still have hundreds of options to sell. Amway never gives you penalty if you don't sell certain items. In conventional business, there are targets to achieve if you don't sell it they will give you penalty. but here with Amway if you're not in selling one item, you can choose others.
4. if you are a detail person then you know Amway prices is quite competitive.

i don't have to comment the rest.. because the first 4 points you deliver here is already 100% completely have a different viewpoints.

Anonymous said...

more trash talk from an ambot