Monday, May 18, 2009

Amway Global - IBOFightback, Amway Enthusiast and Cyber Bully?

Personally, "ibofightback" would by crazy to step out from anonymity because the shear level of cyber-bullying you heap on anyone with an opposing opinion, simply is not worth it. Fortunately for some of us myself included, we easily see you for the angry, abusive, bully that you have become. Sticks and stones Dave, sticks and stones! The fact that you continue to throw poison, doesn't magically make anything you say right. For any reasonable reader, it just continues to make your position weaker!



Maybe you are unawar of this but your own beloved IBOFB was called a “cyberbully” by Beth Dornan on her Inside Quixtar blog because of disparaging things he posted about me.



Anonymous said...

IBOFB thinks he is always right but he is in reality a moron when you consider that fact that he has not achieved anything with Amway yet he continues to promote Amway as if it is the savior of this planet.

Mike said...

I find it intresting how he can make statements about someone not in the business, give details to how long, pin level etc...

But he is unable to present that information about himself..odd

Joecool said...

Yes, and it's funny how IBOFB's supporters such as Bridgett will criticize me because I haven't been in the business recently, and IBOFB hasn't been active since about 1998 and that's ok.

Amway leaders in my day would have called IBOFB a teacher and not a doer.

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hi