Monday, April 20, 2009

Amway Global - Are System Tools Optional?

One of the biggest contributors to Amwau IBO failure, or a net loss, is the monies spent on the "systems". The system consists of voicemail, tapes, cds, books and seminars and open recruitment meetings. The system may cost as little as $50 or $60 a month for a casual business builder, or $150 to $600 a month for the dedictaed hard core IBOs. The materials sold are optional, and the packaging probably says they are optional. The problem is the way the materials are sold to IBOs. In many cases, they are not presented as optional, but a defacto requirement.

For example, an upline may say tools are optional but so is success. Or a recruit might be told that nobody has gone diamond without tools, but you can try to be the first. Another good one is (insert name) so and so diamond went diamond and is a multi millionaire and he thinks the tools are critical, but if you think you know better, you can try. These kinds of statments made to new IBOs exert a degree of pressure to buy into the system. If a doctor told you that you needed heart sugery or you will die, most people will have the surgery, even if it is optional. That's how many present the need for tools.

On the surface, $7 for a cd or tape, $20 monthly for voicemail, $125 for a major function, $7 - $10 fopr smaller meetings doesn't sound too bad. In fact these prices would normally be quite reasonable except for a couple of reasons.

The reason why I believe that the system os not worth the expense is because there is no evidence that the system works. Sure, hard core Amway apologists will say that all the diamonds are on the system. While that may or may not be true, there are tens of thousands, possibly millions of IBOs who worked the system and did not achieve anything. There are simply too many obstacle and handicaps to overcome in Amway. The second reason is that the tools expenses never ends. Many is not most IBOs only stop using the system when they quit the Amway business altogether.

So IBOs and prospects, all I ask is that you take a moment and think, are your tools truly optional and are your tools helping you to make a profit in the Amway business. Basically, if you cannot honestly answer yes to these questions, it might be wise to reconsider your position.

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MichMan said...

The system is optional in the same way your mother means it when she says its optional whether or not you come home for Christmas dinner.

Or in the same way the wife means it when the husband is deciding whether to take her out to eat for a romantic dinner on their 10th anniversary or go to the ballpark with his friends.

There's optional, then there's OPTIONAL!!