Saturday, April 11, 2009

Amway Global - Let's Talk Business!

Lately, there's been a lot of activity on Joecool's blog. A lot of discussion back and forth. IBOs have yet to make a real claim that is believable about their alleged success. I am in no way saying that nobody makes money in Amway. I know that there are some people who make nice incomes from Amway. The problem is that the people who make nice incomes are few and far between, and the successful people often take advantage and basically rip off their downlines. Many successful IBOs, diamond and above, sell their tapes, cds, books and seminar tickets. Thousands and thousands of IBOs spend hundreds or thousands of dollars chasing this dream, hoping that they will be the next diamond. It is my guess that these diamonds make more income from their system than from Amway. If you do the math, it seems like a foregone conclusion. The problem with the system is that it doesn't work.

A fair comparison would be a group of lottery winners selling books, tapes, cds, and seminars to teach you how to win the lottery. If you succeed, you join the elite group of winners. If you fail, it is your fault for picking the wrong numbers. It is exactly how the systems operate. Systems such as WWDB, BWW, and Network 21. What seems like a group of successful "businessmen" is actually is group of shysters more interested in selling you books, tapes, voicemail, cds, and seminar tickets.

And if you buy into the system, they give you wise advice (sarcasm on) like ignoring facts, not keeping a profit/loss statement, and that losing money is success. It truly scares me to hear what IBOs are taught as success. If you want to talk business, then you need to know business. It seems some uplines are not about teaching business. They are more about teaching undying loyalty to upline and the system. Think about why that is.


Gina said...

Facts facts facts...those pesky things that are required to prove the truthfulness of something. Why can't they just present the facts?
O right...cause there are none.

Joecool said...

Well, the fact is that Amway is not a good opportunity for most and it is a fact that 99% or more of IBOs on the system lose money.