Friday, April 3, 2009

Amway Global - The Reality?

When I was an IBO, I was considered hard core when I was actively building my business and sponsoring others. It seemed cool to be at functions with guys in suits and feeling the positive vibes. But it was before and after the functions or meetings that you got a better look at the reality of what is going on.

I would see IBOs in broken down cars. Many of the folks who joined Amway were probably the ones who could least afford to spend the extra money on high priced products, standing order and functions. In conversations with other IBOs, I was surprised at the occupations held by some crossline. It was not a clean cut across society. It appeared, at least in my experience that many IBOs seemed to be younger and often times, less tenured or successful than many. And that makes sense because these are the folks more likely to be attracted to the lure of early retirement and untold wealth.

At home meetings, you would see where some folks actually lived and in many cases, it was a rented apartment. Very few IBOs had their own homes. I myself lived in a rented apartment at the time.

It's not to say that IBOs are not good honest people. Most of them were. Most of them were hard working and motivated as well. The thing though, that many had in common, was the fact that many of us had not yet arrived at where we wanted to be financially in life, because many were just starting their careers. I'm sure many who were active in my days, are probably now financially secure, and without the Amway opportunity.

As I have stated many many times in the past. You can succeed in Amway. But your chances are very slim. Much like the lottery has a winner, or there is a "Bill Gates" out there. Yes there is, but you are not he. Also, there is only one Bill Gates and he is the exception and not the rule. The reality is that most will not rise to the level of exceptional, and contrary to what some leaders say, not everyone can rise to that level.

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