Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Amway Global - Upline Leaders Held To Higher Standards?

In a recent discussion on another blog, I mentioned that Amway upline leaders are held to a higher standard than the rest of the IBO population. It is fair and it is also because the upline leaders put themselves in that position. Let me explain.

What would you think if the head Pastor of your church stood on the pulpit preaching the good word and talking about morals and then you see him twice a week sitting in a bar getting drunk and speeing through town in his car? Yes, he is human, but he is a leader of the congregation and the people hold him to a higher standard. It's not to say that a Head Pastor is "sinless", never is tempted to sin, or never makes mistakes, but certainly, you would not expect someone in this position to get divorced, or be drunk in public, or speeding around town. Again, nobody is saying the Pastor is perfect, but you expect more from him than a casual attender. Agreed?

So a diamond or higher upline leader who says Amway saves marriages, we pay for homes in cash, financial integrity, personal responsibility, etc. These things are taught in seminars and on cds and tapes, and IBOs are advised to read personal growth types of books. Thus when a diamond leader divorces or has a home foreclosed, it probably raises eyebrows and questions from the downline faithful. These leaders are looked up to and edified, and rarely ever questioned. The diamond leaders teach these virtues and thus, they should be held accountable to their downline.

Are they perfect and expected to never make mistakes? No, but when they do make a mistake, do diamond leaders apologize and admit their errors or do they concoct stories, lies and other excuses to cover them up? Do they simply ignore it and act like nothing has happened? That is the issue and what appears to happen all to often. IBOs should look at these issues with a critical eye, especially if taking upline advice to heart.


MichMan said...

If Amway leaders are criticized for the reasons you mentioned, it is their own fault.

They state that Amway saves marriages. Yet divorce has spread through some Diamond groups faster than mono spreads through a local high school.

They state that this is the best business in the world and that every other career is second class. Yet many, many Diamonds have left this business for other ventures.

So if they are held to a higher standard, it is because THEY set the standard.

Joecool said...

Michman, basically that is my entire point. If diamond leaders never made any claims about Amway saving marriages, then nobody would care about a diamond getting divorced. If diamonds didn't show off mansions and say they pay cash and are up to their ears in cash, then nobody would made a big fuss about a diamond having financial difficulties.

They set the standard but they don't like being held accountable for it.

mike said...

One has to understand the underlying motives of those in the business, to understand the actions of those involved

A dishonest person is going to lie regardless and about anything.

It is one thing to make a claim of trying to do something..and fail in that..not as much a lie as the inablity to complete the task.

However those in the business are aware of the lies they tell. Or at best are repeating lies told to them.